Planet of the Vampire Women’s Girl of the Week: Stephanie

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What part did you play in the film?

I played Astrid Corvair, a sexy-fun pleasure clone.

How did you get into acting? Have you been doing it for long?

Professionally since 2004, but I’ve been entertaining people since I was a kid. In grade school I would put on shows in my backyard by putting up a makeshift curtain and writing sketches for my friends and I to perform. My mom would make popcorn and snacks, she’s pretty rad.

What was your most memorable on set moment?

Hard to pick just one.Riding home in a plastic sheet cover in fake blood, reading comics in the costume tent, cuddling with Liesel and the amazing electric blanket, getting to wear a dozen outfits, wielding a sword, getting to drop the f-bomb, Phil sneaking casino chips into people’s pockets, hoods and purses, Pretending I’m Dirty Harry only to get blue blood in my mouth, new years dance party, doing a pratfall, all the food and Darrell York keeping us focused “Quit screwing around!!!”

What is your favorite Vampire film?

Let the Right One In

What scares you?

Casu marzu still grosses me out

If you were a cocktail what would you be and why?

I would be a Dirty Dirty Dirty Martini, It’s a classy drink for the dirty mind. My first martini ever was with Stephen Vargo and it will always be a fond memory.

Your favorite saying?

Better to light a candle than curse the darkness

What have you been up to lately?

I’m working on a kick-ass zombie webseries called “A Cure for Dead”, Hosting shows, working on short films with What Monkey Productions. Other than that I find time to goof off with actress Ashley Marino and teach improv for the Cal Stage Clubhouse workshops, it’s a ton of fun.


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